Green Building

Sustainable Building Practices

With energy prices rising and fossil fuels in more demand, buyers are more conscience of their energy needs. With efficient design, water smart landscaping, energy star appliances, engineered wood products, water cisterns and recycling energy costs can be reduced. With a “Green” Home many advantages await a homeowner, lower energy costs, higher comfort level, improved indoor air quality and less maintenance. When you as a homeowner choose to build a “green” home at either bronze, silver or gold you can be reassured by independent testing that you are receiving the level of quality and comfort you deserve.

At Synergy Builders we follow six simply rules to build your next home more energy efficient.

Proper design

  • With the proper placement of windows and porches your heating and cooling cost can be greatly reduced.
  • An open floor plan can optimize the passive solar design

Energy efficient heating and cooling (HVAC)

  • Properly engineered heating and cooling system not only save you money they also provide a higher level of comfort.
  • Programmable thermostats to ensure energy use when you need it.

Better insulation

  • With the use of cellulose and/or polyurethane spray foam insulation you can reduce your energy costs, outside noise and dust.

Energy Star Appliances

  • With the use of U.S. Department of Energy approved appliances, less energy and water consumption are used as opposed to standard appliances.

Indoor air quality

  • A well designed ventilating system and proper selection of materials will give you cleaner and fresher indoor air.


  • Duct tests and a blower door test verifies air-tight construction and quality that your next home deserves.